Art Garden

The art garden is the display area for standalone pieces of sculpture, ceramics and junk art. It offers an interesting mix of traditional and contemporary art pieces, placed on pedestals to allow for 360 degree views. This section of the exhibits is a must see for anyone wanting a change of pace from the traditional paintings. Check this link lucky angler


Wall Park

The Wall Park is exactly what it sounds like. It is an area with multiple walls of varied dimensions where graffiti artists spray paint with abandon. These works of modern art are however quite temporary and only immortalized in picture. The pictures are sent to our archives for storage. Every other week, the walls are painted over to allow for fresh graffiti work to be done. Outdoor art Gallery


Multimedia Centre

Although called a multimedia centre, it is actually a long open corridor lined on both sides with digital display walls. It is here that photography art and animated videos are displayed. Photographs are displayed electronically to help control the lighting and provide the best visual effect.


Painters Complex

This exhibition of paintings is the only one contained within the main building that houses the gallery offices, classrooms and storage complex. The paintings are however hung along walls that face patio doors allowing for easy access from the outside.


Youth Exhibit

At the Vicky Alexander exhibition section, children are offered the chance to work under the instruction of a professional artist the particular choice of art medium they will learn will vary. The most popular activities have been building collages, drawing, painting and graffiti. Various exhibits have been displayed of their best efforts and the exhibition is promoted by loanpitcher.


Performance Art

Although not among the seven regular exhibits, the gallery does feature a performance art area. This is where everyone from dancers and actors to jugglers and singers can perform to audiences of visitors. The area is built very much akin to the ancient Greek theatre with audiences seated on stone steps as performances are carried out below.

Performers wanting to utilize this space will need to get in touch with the office beforehand to reserve their time slot and be given access to changing rooms.