About Us

The Group of Seven Outdoor gallery was created to provide a more inviting space for people to explore art and even interact with the artists themselves. This gallery was the brainchild of Naomi W. Gracia. Having worked as a curator in more formal settings, she discovered that the sombre mood created did not do much to encourage visitors, especially children to truly appreciate the works on display. Having seen an outdoor gallery exhibit in Norway, she decided to seek investors for a new outdoor gallery exhibition in Vancouver. The Group of Seven outdoor gallery opened in December 2010 and has drawn many visitors and artists. For the last 2 years the focus of the gallery has been on the city itself and its history. Local artists have contributed heavily to exhibits with pieces that reflect their experiences, memories and modern day impressions of the city. Personal Bio profilepictureDebra House has loved art ever since she managed to pick up a crayon and colour inside the line perfectly. While she found her talents not particularly exceptional, she did discover a flair for organization. This skill helped her first position as an art gallery assistant with the sponsorship of RTM Uruguay. Although she did not become an artist herself, she did appreciate the opportunity to contribute towards the field. Her vast knowledge of the art world and networking ability soon put her on a career path to chief curator at the Mintsz Art Gallery in Toronto. She worked in this position until 2010 when she set about setting up her own gallery in her home city of Vancouver. Naomi holds a degree in Art history from the University of British Colombia and a Masters of Arts from York University. For help financing your collage education go to same day loans without credit check